This is part of my story and what brought me to you...

Since 2005 I’ve been walking the road of personal and marital healing from damages caused by sexual brokenness. Throughout this journey, I’ve been challenged to take my walk with Jesus to another level… one of greater childlike dependency on Him. This unsettling trial has led me to experience God’s truths and the Holy Spirit’s power to heal in deeper ways than I ever imagined. While walking through the “valley” of my crisis, my tendency was often to focus on my husband’s journey and his need to change. As time went on I grew in appreciation for what God was doing in my heart … healing, providing, refining, pruning, maturing me. My focus has slowly changed towards being fully engaged in my own realm of responsibility rather than becoming distracted by others. This adjustment gave me greater clarity of thought and the ability to develop healthy internal and external boundaries so that I can keep experiencing all that God has for me.

While serving overseas as a missionary, I was educated on sexual brokenness primarily through listening to the Pure Sex Radio broadcasts. Today I find myself living in San Antonio Texas, serving at Be Broken Ministries and occasionally being a contributor to the Pure Sex Radio shows. God works often in very unexpected ways! He has given me a calling to serve wives who are experiencing emotional distress due to their husbands’ misuse of the gift of sex. It's been an honor to meet many amazing women in this journey and be entrusted with their private pain and desire to heal. This interaction happens through phone consults, leading the online Wives Care Groups and 1:1 coaching.

By God’s grace, Tyler and I are growing older together into our  third decade of marriage. Yay!!! We have enjoyed a stronger friendship and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of covenant love and family. We have three treasured daughters and a special gift from above named Levi, our grandson. We move forward with the sure confidence in Jesus power to redeem our past, present, and future. All praise goes to the Him who lifts our head each day!

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Dear Tyler,

God was good to me when He put us together decades ago. Our strengths and weaknesses serve to purify us and make our covenant more beautiful. Even though the ministry calling I received got started as we tackled an area of weakness for you, your life goes far beyond this! Watching you and working at Be Broken Ministries has given me a new appreciation for the hard work it takes to break free from damaging strongholds. God partners with willing hearts. Thank you for being willing and persevering. The Lord has lifted your head too. Your devotion to our family is felt by our daughters, Levi and I. We admire you more than ever. Enduring love is the legacy you are passing down.

On the lighter side… thank you for having fun with me. I’ve so enjoyed swing dancing with you, bike riding, heart to heart talks, listening to your amazing clarinet playing, road trips, relaxing family times and your willingness to fulfill my dream for our 30th anniversary celebration. It was unforgettable!!!

Thank you for supporting my calling to wives in healing. You’re an integral part of this. So grateful for your companionship. 



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